Hot, Humid and Downright Muggy   2 comments

We arrived back home to a sweltering heatwave…. Reagan National Airport has recorded 42 90+ degree days, tying with 1994 for the highest number of such days in a year through July 25th. We haven’t beat the record yet, which was 1980 with 67 of these hot, humid, muggy days. Monday was the first day below 90 degrees in 2 weeks.

Whereas in Baltimore Washington Airport hit 100 yesterday, breaking the previous record of 99 from 1934. It has reached 100 for the fifth time this month – THE MOST EVER 100 DEGREE OCCURRENCES FOR ANY MONTH IN BALTIMORE IN RECORDED HISTORY! It also marked Baltimore’s seventh 100 degree or higher day in 2010, tying with 1988 and 1933 for the most ever in a summer. AND WE STILL HAVE AUGUST TO GET THROUGH!


Oh yea, my grandchildren.  We got to see Shane briefly before he flew out to California for  water polo.  Below he is enjoying California’s  beautiful weather with friends

We drove over to the Eastern Shore to visit Olivia.  Billy brought her home from daycare at noon, so we could babysit her until they got home from work.

We were only gone about a month and she’s already sitting up!


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2 responses to “Hot, Humid and Downright Muggy

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  1. Hi Caro! I love this!

  2. Thanks, Puna, it’s all because of you. 🙂

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