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On Friday mom and dad invited us over to Easton for some Maryland Steamed Crabs. We didn’t get the call until 2 p.m. and if anyone is familiar with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, you know that you do not want to venture over it on a Friday afternoon in the summer….. Our first thought was to decline, but at 3 p.m. (after thinking about mouth watering crabs) we decided what the heck. We were warned by 2 of our neighbors that traffic was horrid. Well, the only back up we had was in Annapolis, which is normal. We breezed thru, lucky us! The crabs were our first for the year and wonderful! Ya just can’t beat Maryland Steamed crabs. Sorry I didn’t take any photos, but once we got there, we were starving and dug right in.

Mom and dad had never seen “the soft shell crab farm” in operation, so we ran over to Sarah and Pat’s.

She got some cheap help that night.

We toured her new refrigeration system.

And while we ate their home grown watermelon, we watched their son, Bo, prepare the trotlines for the next day.

Poor thing, his work is never done….


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