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Bill and I took our grandson, Shane, down to tour the Calvert Marine and Maritime Museum. Guess we didn’t get enough of it while in Canada.

First thing Shane ran to see was the children’s discovery room. Below he is digging for shark’s teeth. Every child gets to keep just one, so of course we had to find the BIGGEST.

After wandering thru the downstairs section where we learned about sea life in the Chesapeake Bay, we went upstairs and found the history of oyster shucking. Below is Shane checking out the room showing the equipment used.

The oyster shucking business interested us so much, we decided to visit the old oyster packing house located just down the street. Joseph C. Lore, Sr. began shipping seafood from Solomons Island in 1888 and established a packing house “J.C. Lore & Sons Oyster House” at this site in 1912.

The building shown in the photo below was built in 1934, replacing the previous building that was destroyed by a hurricane, on oyster shells discarded by Lore Co. and neighboring H.M. Woodburn Co.

Three generations of the Lore family packed and shipped Patuxent River Oysters, crabs, and fish until 1978. In its heyday, the company sold nearly 3,000 gallons of oysters every week.

What makes this more interesting to us is that through my father searching his family tree, we think the Mason side of our family is related to Joseph Lore.

The Drum Point Lighthouse is a three story structure.

It has been moved from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay to the museum site where it is available to tour the inside.


Furniture pieces of the time period have been set up to look just as it did when it was in operation. The photos above were taken on the first level. I can tell you, climbing thru the first “hole” to get there was not easy, especially since I was carrying dog, Dylan, in his “Juicy Couture” carrying case. By the time we climbed up to the third floor, it was so hot, it was almost stifling. I can’t imagine living there with no air conditioning.


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  1. That looks like great fun. I really like that lighthouse, it is so different than the ones we saw in Canada.
    We are in Zanesville, Ohio and are slowly making our way home.

  2. Come on down & stay with us & we’ll take you down there. Don’t forget to stop and get some Esther Price Candy in Dayton!

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