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On the road headed to our “Big Sky Rocky Mountain High” trip with Adventure Caravans. It’s hard to believe we were only home for a little over 4 weeks. We don’t need to be in South Dakota until the end of August, but with the history of our truck, we decided we needed to allow extra days for break downs…. Yes, it’s a 2003 6.0 Diesel Ford….. Thanks goodness we have the extended warranty and we just upgraded to the premium care.

Bill managed to find a Ford 650 truck on the internet, not far from his dad’s, that we stopped and looked at; but I nixed that because IT WAS UGLY! Fire engine red, with foil decals down the side, DOT numbers on the side with “not for hire” wording and an ugly sleeper cab which is totally separate from the cab. Not to mention it was an extended cab, not a crew cab, and no place to put the motorcycle and generator. As I’m looking at this monstrosity, imagining driving it to the grocery store, the salesman says to me,“Isn’t this a great truck? Imagine driving it to the store?” I responded, “That’s what I’m doing…..” When Bill called the owner to tell him “his wife didn’t like it,” the guy says, “gee, sounds familiar” Hmmmmmm obviously he bought that truck before he showed his wife!

Our first stop was Huntington, W.V./South Point, Ohio area to visit with Bill’s dad, who is recovering in a nursing home. He seems to be doing ok, but is very weak and it’s going to take a long time for him to heal. Meanwhile, the Amish are building his new home, which we hope to have completed when he’s able to leave the nursing home.


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