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Our travels took us through Peoria, Illinois, where we stopped to visit with our “Teamster” friends, Keith and Terry. What a lovely couple.

They welcomed us into their home as if we were family, and we felt like family. Well, we are—we’re Teamsters!

They own a historical home built in 1890. It was a “WOW” house. I always wanted to go in one of these historic Victorian style homes that you see in all of the older cities and finally got the opportunity.

Keith and Terry have it decorated in its Victorian style, keeping it interesting and beautiful. Each room was more interesting than the next. There is an interesting story behind this home. Keith and Terry are the third owners, purchasing it after it had been uninhibited for 19 years. The second owner, moved to a bigger city leaving his mother to live in the house, promising never to sell it while she was alive. When she could no longer live on her own, she was put in a nursing home, leaving the house vacant. The son kept his promise and did not sell the house for 19 years. LUCKY KEITH AND TERRY.


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