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We found the best place in Pekin, IL. They sell ice cream with eyes. It is fantastic! Our GPS has a list of Off The Beaten Path Attractions and I want to see them all. Bill, however, isn’t so adventurous while pulling the RV. But one of the first things that popped up when we left Ohio/WV was Ice Cream With Eyes. I said we HAVE to see this. Bill said yea, yea, yea….. But before we got to the ice cream place, we passed the area that has the purple people bridge. I wanted to see that, but Bill wasn’t willing to get off the main road to look for it. So onward we went. I was beginning to think I might not be able to see the Ice Cream With Eyes place….

Well, as we drove into Pekin, IL to visit our friends, THERE IS WAS!

Within 2 miles from our friend’s house so I said we just have to go there before we leave. So on our last evening, we went out to get ice cream with eyes.

As I walked outside to eat my delicious dessert, I noticed a couple of little girls sitting there eating their ice cream and when they saw mine, they seemed to giggle. As I looked around, it didn’t seem that any of the adults had ice cream with eyes, BUT I DID. And it was DELICIOUS!


Posted August 23, 2010 by carolnbill in Friends, Travel

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