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If you are ever on I90 driving through South Dakota, make sure you stop in Murdo, exit 192, to see the Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town.

You will NOT be disappointed. Make sure you allow a few hours. It was started in 1954 by the current owner’s father. When we arrived we knew we found a gem of a place when we saw this unique sculpture outside

but we thought it was just one building of antique and unique autos, but as we exited the main building, we saw rows and rows of more buildings!

There are 42 buildings! Over 250 cars, 60 motorcycles, 60 antique tractors, antique town collectibles, Zeitner’s Collection of rocks, gems and Fossils.

It was amazing! The Dukes General Lee

Elvis’ 1976 Harley (insured by Lloyds of London and currently titled to Elvis A. Presley

James Dean’s “Rebel Without A Cause”

Have you ever seen a car made out of mahogany?

1,000 Board Feet Mahogany! It is made of 4,183 pieces mahogany, 64 pieces of oak, and 312 pieces of other wood, 5 gallons Elmers exterior glue, 60 lbs. drywall screws, 4 gallons uarathane, spar grade. It has two 500 cl Cadillac Engines 4 wheel drive; Eldorado-Front Drive Train HP:400 and De Ville-rear drive train HP:400. CAN YOU IMAGINE DRIVING THIS!

Now, can you imagine vacuuming with this?

Up on the wall, I found “Teamster pistols”

Now, would that be from the Teamsters that I know???? No, Bill tells me it was probably from the wild, wild west Teamsters who drove a wagon with a team of horses. Ooohhhhhhhh.

As you walk through each building, you find rows and rows of autos, motorcycles, tractors, bicycles

Bill discovered a 1921 “White” Motor Home.

While I discovered calf or calves. Born in Gregory, S.D. in 1906.

Since we were there for so long, we found ourselves starving and made our way to their cafeteria, which was pretty good. Ask about their buffalo burgers before your mouth is watering for them, because they were sold out when we were there…. While we waited for our food to be prepared, I ran over to the gift shop to check things out. I loved the jewelry counter. Check it out!

Walking back to our RV, we found 2 very unique motor homes.

The one on the left is the one Bill would like to have (the RV is actually the same make as ours) and the one on the right is more affordable. LOL

As we continued down I90, about another 20 miles, we saw the 1880 Town and since we just crossed in Mountain Time, we gained an hour so we had plenty of time to stop. 1880 town, elevation 2391 Ft., population 170 ghosts, 9 cats, 3 dogs, 3905 870 36 9 2 rabbits. It shows travelers life in the past, consisting of more than 30 original buildings authentically furnished with thousands of unique relics.

I loved these 2 gals who decided to dress up for the times. When they walked out passed the “Homestead l/4 mile” sign, I could not resist.

But the real reason I wanted to stop here was to see the props used in Kevin Costner’s “Dancing With Wolves”

Since it was about 105 that day, I had to rest in the cutest swing.

Only in the West. LOL


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