Day 30 Murder Mystery Dinner   Leave a comment

Our Margarita Party included a murder mystery dinner. Look who came to dinner!

Prior to dinner, we held our driver’s meeting and as Marcia was attempting to give us an overview of our next stop, Sandy Beachbum was advertising his surf lesson business.

Poor Marcia had a hard time keeping everyone’s attention.

Sandy’s advertisement must have worked because he was giving lessons to everyone.

When all of a sudden we heard screams and found one of our guests had been murdered……

Here I thought our guests were concerned about Ken getting murdered, but later found out that they just wanted to steal his money! While others looked on in outrage.

Marie barely got in the door when one of our guests bounced on her to see what she could find out about the murder and possibly acquire some cash.

Everyone was very creative in their costumes and their ability to blackmail and extort.

Our poor sheriff didn’t know who to arrest for the murder….

What a great time we had, not to mention all the good food.


Posted October 3, 2010 by carolnbill in Adventure Caravans, RV, Travel

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