Day 30-31 Durango, CO   1 comment

Durango/Silverton, one of my favorite places. We rode from Durango to Silverton on the bus and what a beautiful drive. I thought last year was beautiful, but this year, we saw the fall colors.

We arrived in time to have lunch at our favorite restaurant, “Handlebars.”

In 1874, the Silverton town site was laid out and it soon became the center of numerous mining camps. In 1882, the first train operated by the Denver & Rio Grand Railroad rolled into Silverton from Durango.

During Silverton’s early history, Blair Street developed as the red-light district. Although fines were levied, gambling and prostitution were generally accepted as long as the practice did not migrate into the more respectable sections of town. PLUS the fines were readily used for the growing community. Today, there is still a town ordinance on the books prohibiting curtains on saloon windows. (The law wanted to see what was going on inside).

By the 1940s most of the gambling was over and the “ladies” had moved on, citing competition from the local girls who “gave it away” as their “patriotic duty” during World War II. In the 1950s Blair Street was used as movie sets for “Run for Cover” “Across The Wide Missouri” and “True Grit.”

Today the train brings over 140,000 passengers a year into Silverton from Durango. We rode the train from Silverton to Durango.

It was a gorgeous ride.

Sometimes it was a little difficult to look down….

The conductor was great allowing us to take photos from between the cars.

Just before we arrived in Durango, off in a distance WE HAD BEEN MOONED!


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