Day 32-33 Royal Gorge, Colorado   1 comment

The  drive to Royal Gorge meant climbing Wolf Creek Pass. WHAT A CLIMB! It was scary to think about going down the other side of the mountain, but it wasn’t as bad as some of the others we crossed.

We spent the day at Royal Gorge Bridge, Aerial Tram, Incline Railway. It felt like a day at an amusement park.

We started out at the incline railway which took us to the bottom of the gorge.

It was interesting to watch the incline railway from below as the two cars that shared a common track separated to their own track as they passed each other.

A train still runs on the track along the gorge, but it didn’t come through while we were down there. I did, however, get photos of the train passing through from the bridge.

Below is a closer view of the train’s suspension bridge. It’s scary enough to “walk” across a suspension bridge, I don’t know about being on a train!

For over 70 years Canon City’s water supply was carried through a 30 inch Redwood pipeline. Remains of the line can still be seen on the south side of the Arkansas River. The 8 miles of pipeline was abandoned in 1974.

The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge is the world’s highest suspension bridge, spanning the Arkansas River 1,053 feet below. It was built in 1929. 250 of the boards are replaced each year! We walked across it several times that day; some of our group rode the golf cart as well as the trolley. It wasn’t bad walking across until a car drove by!

In the middle of the bridge was an interesting sign that read “No Fishing From The Bridge.” Dah… would a fishing pole actually have a line that long?

The aerial tram was a smooth experience. How cool to be suspended high over the canyon. The aerial tramway was dedicated in 1969, has carried over 5,710,000 passengers and traveled over 219,000 miles.

We walked through the wildlife area where we came upon a “white” buffalo, below left. His baby was only 5 days old, below right eating from “mama.” Look how big it already is.

Three from our group decided to do the skycoaster. Connie, Larry, and Marcia. Everyone thought they were nuts, but we sure enjoyed “watching.

The video can be seen below.

The miniature train ride proved to be so interesting, we rode it twice. Below is what we saw.

Before leaving the park, we also road the horse drawn wagon, trolley, and carousel.


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  1. Great post. Love the video. Sounds like you had a great trip.

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