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We are taking our time heading back East. We left Colorado Springs and stopped in Dodge City, Kansas for the night.

We met our new friends from our last caravan, Carol and Larry, at the Boot Hill Casino for dinner. In the parking lot of the Casino were about a dozen jack rabbits. Larry is from Kansas and hasn’t seen jack rabbits in years.


What a great time we had trying to figure out how their slot machines worked. We found out that others didn’t have a clue as to what they were doing either! WITH the exception of one young lady who was playing the $1 Wheel of Fortune and doing pretty good. We enjoyed watching her win. We left before she did, so we don’t know if she left a winner or a loser.

We made our way over to Wichita, Kansas, to visit with Carol and Larry at their home. We had a great time, just relaxing. I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture….. We hope that we’ll be able to repay their hospitality by them coming out the D.C. to visit with us.

Onward through Missouri, where we stopped in Carthage at the largest RV salvage place EVER. Found some good buys for our RV and onward toward Rickman, Tennessee, where we will visit with our friends, Ann and Bob. We’ll stop in West Virginia/Ohio to visit with Bill’s dad and then home.

What a great adventure.


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