Our Family   3 comments

This is not our “whole” family but it’s everyone we could get together at the time.

From oldest to youngest is Aunt Dot, then brother Frank, then Brother Teddy. Below right are their spouses.


Aunt Dot’s family is below left and her daughter, Juanita’s family is below right.


Juanita’s daughter, Sherry’s, family is below left & son Mark’s family is below right.


Frank and his wife, Marge (my mom & dad) are below left & the whole family is below right.


We took the opportunity to get a photo of my brother and sisters. Below left we are being good, which is rare & below right we are acting normal.


Uncle Teddy and his wife, Sue, are below left and their family (who could come) is below right.


It was VERY difficult getting Uncle Teddy’s crew photographed because “someone” was clowning around, and I won’t mention any names, but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Below are all my siblings and our first cousins

Below are second cousins.

Unfortunately, four of our cousins could not be here and I’ve lost count on the second cousins, but it’s somewhere around 13.


Posted November 20, 2010 by carolnbill in Family, Travel

3 responses to “Our Family

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  1. Just saw these. I didn’t know you had a family gathering this November. Where was it at? Is that “Little” Tedy and David? I would never recognize them!

  2. Duh, I do know where that was at. Sorry.

  3. Joy, it was when we went down for Uncle Bud’s funeral. That is David. Little Teddy wasn’t there. But trust me, you would recognize him!

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