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What a wonderful Christmas. It was my granddaughter’s first Christmas. It was also sad because it was the first time my youngest son, Robby, was not home to celebrate with us.

Bill and I began our Christmas celebration with Mass and to our daughter’s to spend Christmas morning with the boys.


Chris has a unique way of giving the boys their “special” gift. Below they are sitting patiently awaiting their clues for the big hunt.

Christmas dinner at my sister’s was full of joy, good tidings, cheer, AND LOTS OF FOOD.


Having my cousin’s family join us was special. But the evening was cut short with a quick unwrap of presents so brother-in-law Al could prepare his truck for the night’s snow removal.

It snowed all night which made the next morning our special White Christmas, waking with my son and his family for our Christmas Day with Olivia.


Billy and Jenn got very little sleep, not because they were up all night putting together presents, but because Olivia was too excited to sleep. Maybe it was all that sugar she consumed at Sister Linda’s. You can’t see it very well in the photo below, but she has green all over her face. She enjoyed every minute of every bite.

I think she’s just getting them use to no sleep before the big Christmas Day. We celebrated at Alicia’s with her boys before Billy headed to his Eastern Shore home.


As Billy and family headed out to fight the snow storm home, we waived with Chris laughing hysterically about the Raven magnets he placed so carefully on my Steelers Fan Son’s car!

I’m sure there will be paybacks.


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