Happy 50th Birthday Baby Sister Mary   1 comment

Sister Dolores hosted her annual family Christmas gathering and made it extra special this year. We celebrated our baby sister, Mary’s, surprise 50th birthday party, a little early. Her birthday is actually January 2 so she was very unsuspecting that we would celebrate it on December 18th.

Can you tell by her face that she was totally surprised?

The celebration began with the opening of all her well-needed gifts.


What do you think about that Christmas Palm Tree? I think Bill was trying to imagine he was at our lot in Florida. Although at the time, it wasn’t much warmer down there.


Even though Bill and Kevin did their best to guard the food, we all managed to get plenty to eat. Dolores always does a terrific job with all kinds of foods and desserts, enough for an army and there are still leftovers.


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  1. Nice pics…everything was great! LOL Carol you gave me a great idea for future parties…a food security guard!

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