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I love Sam’s Club in Alabama! Free Wifi for its customers. It doesn’t get any better than that! Could it be because we were in a college town?

Our day didn’t start out very good. As Bill went out to start the truck up, he noticed the inside rear tire was flat. Luckily the Walmart had a tire center and we were doubly lucky that there was no hole. Must have been a leak.

As we drove into Mississippi, we stopped at the Welcome Center. Lucky stop! The TV was on showing the tornado damage in the area. WHAT! TORNADAS??!!!!! Interstate was closed with overturned cars and wires running across the road. We weren’t sure exactly where it was, so we decided to stay on route and hopefully the road would be opened by the time we got there. The other thought was, the tornado already hit there, so what are the chances that it would hit again? Well, as it turned out, our route turned us south on another interstate before Clinton, MS, which is where the mess was. Seemed like the whole time we drove through Mississippi, we were dodging tornados and golf-size hail.

We did almost lost the topper on our slide. Luckily Bill noticed it and we were able to save it by pulling over & letting the room out and back in. Never saw that happen before.

Today we dodged a flat tire, tornados, hail, and a broken slide topper. What a lucky day!


Posted April 16, 2011 by carolnbill in RV, Travel

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