Pigeon Forge, Tennessee   Leave a comment

Day 33-36

TWO FULL FREE DAYS IN PIGEON FORGE. WOW! After touring all the battlefields and museums for 32 days, this was a much welcomed rest.

Our first day, we just wanted to “chill,” but one of our lovely guests gave us complimentary tickets to Dollywood. Well, we certainly couldn’t pass that up! Starting out on the steam train ride around the park, we checked out the rides. Like the wooden roller coaster and the big swing. Check out the modern sink bottom right.

Then we were on a mission to see all the shows they had to offer. We didn’t make all of them, but the ones we saw were great.

I have to say, Dollywood prepares food differently than any park we’ve been to.

Now that’s a BIG job.

Within the park is a little ole log cabin. I don’t know if it is a replica of Dolly’s home she grew up in or if it is the original, but the Tennessee Mountain Home is what inspired her music and life.

Before we left, we stopped by Dolly’s “retired” 1994 Prevost custom built for her at a cost of $750,000. The back of the bus was Dolly’s personal space, her bedroom & dressing room. The bunk beds were used by her manager, her driver, and a guest.

It is 45 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 13.5 feet high. It gets 7 miles to the gallon and has a fuel tank capacity with the ability to drive 2,050 miles in 32 hours from Nashville to Los Angeles. This coach has over 600,000 road miles traveled. The coach she is presently using cost $2.7 million! That’s what I call riding in style!!

Driving through Pigeon Forge was very interesting. I love the thought that went into each building to make it special and stand out.

In the evening, we went to the Smith Family Dinner Show with most of our caravan guests. We had a fabulous buffet dinner and the show was spectacular. They acknowledged Bill’s birthday, which was extra special. Barry, our wagonmaster and I were one of the few chosen to climb up on stage for what they called the door prize. What a way to trick us to get us on stage. It ended up that we were to compete in a “hoola hoop” contest. Girls against the boys. Since I was too busy concentrating on keeping that hoop up, I didn’t get to watch the guys. The audience voted on the best and of course, the girls won. One of our special guests purchased a copy of the DVD of the show for Bill and I so I did finally get a chance to see myself in action.

The second night’s show was a 50s & 60s music which was great. What a great town for relaxing.


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