Day 5-6 Metis-sur-Mer   Leave a comment

This year our drive from Quebec City to Metis-Sur-Mer, our first stop on the Gaspe, was beautiful and enjoyable, as opposed to last year which turned out to be our day from hell. Weather is much cooler (and a little wetter), which is strange since we are 2 weeks later than last year.

I think we will be missing summer altogether this year. Best of all, OUR TRUCK IS RUNNING GREAT!

Since we drove the peninsula in daylight hours (as opposed to last year in the dark) we were able to stop at Pointe-au-Pere lighthouse. This lighthouse has been in operation since 1975. The previous lighthouses were destroyed by fire. Because of the dangers navigating the St. Lawrence River, ships must stop at this point to pick up a pilot who will guide them down river to Quebec City.

We spent the day at Reford Gardens. At the entrance is a huge lawn chair, so of course we had to get our pictures.

As you enter the gardens you are greeted with this wall of flowers. Last year they were not in bloom.

There are azaleas in every color imaginable.

There is a small museum with replicas.

The view from the museum is a million dollar view.

Bill was about to use the restroom

NO, NO, Bill, that’s just for show!!!!

The gardens are full of sculptures of different types. Next to the museum was something really interesting. They were wooden sticks in the ground. When you stand in front of them, they are orange, when you stand beside them, they are blue!

There was also a “rock rocker”

There is also an “interactive” area where Bill and I could swing. While we were swinging the swing was dispersing seed or grain.

They have “wifi”

And this tunnel type sculpture created a cool picture.

What a beautiful garden.


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