Day 9-10 Perce, Gaspe   Leave a comment

The Gaspe Peninsula is such a beautiful drive. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and the roads may take your breath away with each bump. As we got closer to Perce, the fog set in. All I could think of was that beautiful view of Bonaventure Island and “The Rock” would be nonexistent in the fog. Actually as we descended the 17% grade in Perce, we couldn’t even tell that the town existed!

It took a few hours after our arrival for the fog to lift and we could enjoy the beauty. We had a hot dog roast overlooking “Land’s End.”

One of our guests invited Marcia and I to take a ride in their 4 wheel drive vehicle to watch the sunset. We got there just in the nick of time.

Our boat ride over to the Bonaventure Island gave us a close look at this unique rock.

We could also see that 17% grade road that brings you into the town of Perce. Below is a photo of driving down the road and a view of the road from the water.

On the other side of the island, we found a colony of gannets, the largest colony in North America and the second largest in the world.

The birds were everywhere, swimming, flying and nesting on the rocks. When they dive into the water from the air, they hit the water at over 100 miles per hour, or was that kilometers? Hmmmm…..

Once we unloaded onto the island, we hiked across the island, which was 5.6 km roundtrip, to get a closer glimpse of the gannets. It was worth the uphill hike! Wow, what a sight! There were thousands! They were so fun to watch.

We saw “Mutual fencing, mutual preening, territorial defense, sky pointing, and regurgitation.”

We ended our visit in Perce with some of our guests treating us to a lobster feast. Not JUST a lobster feast, but a 2 lb. lobster!

The end to a perfect day.


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