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I love PEI. It’s such a quaint little island.

This year the 4th Annual Country Music Fest was in progress and continued throughout the weekend. I’ve decided to post all about that in a separate post, but it was great to be able to hear the music perfectly from our RV.

The island itself has beautiful landscapes and beautiful flowers, lupines.

We began our tour at PEI National Park. Their beaches are different than what we’re used to. They called the sand at this beach “white sand” while on the other side of the island, it is red. But, looked like red sand to me…. I can only assume the sand on the other side, must be “really” red. We were there first thing in the morning and there were a few people swimming! I think they were at the country music fest the night before and were getting sober. Haha

While visiting North Rustico this year, our friend, Emerad (not sure of the spelling of his name), that we met last year was not around, so I’ve put in photos from last year. He would be 88 year old this year, the only Protestant family in this area. Everyone else is Roman Catholic. What a character he was. He loved to get his picture taken and was more than willing to pose for everyone.

What a ham! He was born in 1923 and lived in his house next to the lighthouse all his life. He talked about people from all over the world coming to take his picture. One lady from Ohio won a blue ribbon for his photo and other couple from Germany showed him an advertisement in their newspaper of his house. He is world famous!

A whale’s jawbone washed up on shore about 80 years ago, so Emerad’s family uses it as the border for their garden. Can you tell it’s a jawbone?

Next, it was off to visit the house that inspired the book “Anne of Green Gables.” The author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, was born in New London, Prince Edward Island, in 1874 and was raised by her maternal grandparents (Alexander and Lucy Macneill) in Cavendish 1976-1911. It was here that she wrote Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Kilmeny of the Orchard and The Story Girl. Anne’s room is just as the book describes.

While walking through the barn, Bill found himself “under” some very interesting equipment….


Then he started horsing around again, and then we found one of our guests horsing around.

Then we had ANOTHER guest horsing around

There were other poses, but you had to be quick with the camera.

This prompted everyone to join in on the act.

I was very surprised to find out is that Anne is fictional. Actually I was disappointed. I always thought she was a real person. Montgomery found inspiration in glossy magazines and used a photograph of New York model Evelyn Nesbit as the origin for Anne’s face. It was amazing to find all the things that inspired her to write her book. Her adopted cousin, Ellen Macneill, a Nova Scotia orphan girl, provided the final spark for the inspired story of the redheaded orphan.

In 1831, the farm Montgomery named “Green Gables” was acquired by David Macneill Sr. When he died in 1891 the farm passed on to his son, David, Jr., who lived there with his sister Margaret. In the early 1890s their niece Ada Macneill and her daughter Myrtle came to live with them. In 1906, Myrtle and her husband Ernest Webb took over the farm.

Lunch was at the PEI Preserve Company, where we met the owner, Bruce. What a character he is! He’s Scottish and always had a dream of owning his own restaurant. After practically losing his shirt, he came up with a preserve with alcohol incorporated into the recipe, TOTALLY BY ACCIDENT. It seemed while working for someone else, who liked to drink, Bruce decided to help his boss drink the Grand Marnier (he was saving him from getting toooooo intoxicated). When Bruce could drink no more, he had no alternative but to dump the rest of the bottle into the vat of preserves. VOILA! Strawberry preserves with Grand Marnier. Once he had a product, he needed a label. The girl he was dating was a good artist, so she designed him a label. He since married her, they bought and old butter factory, started a restaurant, and that is how the PEI Preserve Company started.

In the 19 years he’s been in business, he’s become famous for his preserves all over the world, even selling to Nordstrom’s and Neiman Marcus! My favorite is the Raspberry with champagne jam and Peach Salsa. Bill’s favorite is the strawberry with Grand Marnier jam.

While driving around we found L.M. Montgomery’s birthplace

As well as her resting place.

It was very sad to learn that she took her life.

On our free day, we drove into Charlottetown, where we toured Parliament

and St. Dunstan’s Basilica.

We also visited the mansion of Standard Oil’s Tycoon and partner of Rockefeller, Dalvay By-the-Sea.  This was just their summer home.  They had 6 children.  Today it is a hotel with 26 rooms.  There weren’t 26 bedrooms when it was used as a house but they were more spacious than the hotel rooms.

Driving to the Mansion we found a beautiful beach

Their sand dunes put ours to shame.  There were a few that looked like our sand dunes in Maryland so I took a picture of them which also show what their sand dunes look like.  See how full they are?

And of course a light house.

We had a great lobster dinner at the Fisherman’s Wharf, complete with a HUGE salad/dessert buffet. While waiting for our soup and lobster, I began my dinner with dessert! I could not decide which dessert to eat, so I had several. After our dinner, the manager invited us to tour the kitchen. They serve about 600 lobsters per night!

One of our guests sure knew how to dress for our lobster dinner.

Could it be because she grew up in Bladensburg, Maryland?

We got a great tour of the kitchen. It was difficult walking past all these lobster dinners going out and not snatching one.

Check out the 4 ½ pounder that was in the fridge.

On the wall I found a plaque with the different ages of lobsters.

From 2 years, to 4 years, 6 years, 8 years and 10/12 years old. No wonder they’re so expensive. They take so long to grow!

This was the granddaddy of them all,

40 years old and 25 pounds!


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