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When we arrived at our campground in Cavendish on Prince Edward Island, the 4th Annual Country Music Fest was in progress – IN THE FIELD RIGHT NEXT TO OUR CAMPGROUND!!!!

The first night we walked over, Ricky Scaggs and Johnny Reed were playing. Johnny Reed called on a little girl out of the audience to play the guitar with him on stage and presented her with the signed guitar. She was so cute!

Brad Paisley played the following night, but it was raining, so we were fair weather people and listened to him from our RV.

Toby Keith closed the last night of the concert. IT WAS A FABULOUS PERFORMANCE!

Watching the concert as the sun went down was just beautiful.

The best part was, I talked my way into the concert and saw the last hour UP FRONT!!!!!

The crowd was a wild bunch. It was hard to take pictures with all the hands (and bodies) up in the air.

I got some video of the performance, the sound is not very good, but it was a great experience.





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