Murder in Margaritaland   Leave a comment

We ended our time in Halifax with our Murder Mystery Dinner. This is where our guests get creative and that, they did. Before I could even welcome them to Margaritaland, they were already selling what they could and bribing who they could to get money, not to mention all the wonderful appetizers they brought.

Starr Bright was batting her eyelashes at everyone and selling her autograph.

Surfin Sam sold all of his surfboards.

Lucky Numbers and Blacky Jack were flashing all their money. While Thurston Howard III was flashing his beautiful girlfriend.

The bellhop arranged for our chili dinner to be the wedding reception for our honeymooners (I don’t think she charged enough).

All the while Tatum Tatt was selling her tattoos.

She made a lot of money, but someone stole it!!!! A thief among friends! Or did she hid it and forget where she put it?

Never did find out who did it. Even Sgt. Lord could not figure it out.

Others were negotiating some sort of deal. It’s amazing how creative some people can be.

Once the murder occurred

Sgt. Lord began his task of investigating everyone on the island.

I don’t think Starr Bright was too happy with what Sgt. Lord was accusing her of.

Looks like there’s some heavy conversation going on here.

Everyone was accusing everyone!

I believe Thurston Howard III was the prime suspect of the island with Izzie Islander following close behind.

Our murderer was not sly enough as three people guessed his true identity!


Posted July 23, 2011 by carolnbill in Travel

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