Day 37-41 Twillingate, Newfoundland   Leave a comment

On our way to Twillingate, we did a one nighter in Gander. It also happened to be Gander Day. Hmmmm Bonavista on Bonavista Day and now Gander on Gander Day. Wonder if every city in Newfoundland has “their” day and we’re going to hit them all?

As we waited for the fireworks, we had a beautiful sky.

On to Twillingate, the Iceberg Capital of the World. I love Twillingate! It is an historic, rugged, picturesque town and the people are so friendly. As we got closer to the shoreline, we could see the fog off in a distance.

This was my favorite house.

The fog can come and go and any time. Sometimes a few times in one day!

When we came into town, we passed the Prime Berth Fishing Heritage Centre and it was hard not to stop because it was interesting, but we knew it was part of our tour. Once there, we were given such a history lesson on Newfoundland and its fishing. Then the captain took us to one of the buildings and showed us how they prepared the cod for salting. A REAL COD.

Below is a photo of the delicacy part of the cod, TONGUE N CHEEK.

The Durrell Museum had a very good polar bear film.

The Twillingate Longpoint Lighthouse has a great viewing platform where we saw our first iceberg.

We got closer to the iceberg while on the boat for the whale watching tour.

We could only get as close as 6 miles to it. It was estimated to be about 60 feet out of the water.

We did see a few whales.

We saw how successful a few local fishermen were as they proudly displayed their catch.

While one of the mates serenaded us with his accordion, Jeffie & Lottie played the spoons.

Annette thought she was on the titanic.

What a great day, whales and iceberg!

The evening was spent at the “Split Peas” show, a local Newfie group. They were so entertaining with their singing, jokes, and getting the crowd involved.

I loved to mummers.

We found a “lobster pool” not far from town, so 2 of our guests treated us to 2-3 lb lobsters! They were so so good and I can’t believe I forgot to take a picture of them! Concentrating on getting “lobstered” out, Bill and I picked up some live lobsters and cooked them ourselves.

As we left Twillingate, heading for Rocky Harbor, we came upon the largest lobster we have ever seen.

But I hear, the larger they are, the tougher they are.


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