Day 52 Truro, Nova Scotia, to Hopewell Capte, New Brunswick   Leave a comment

Day 52 Truro to Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick

Enroute we were able to stop at the Museum of Industry. I liked the quilting/rug braiding exhibit, along with the special exhibit on dolls.

They had a very interesting short film on the making of these vintage dolls. Remember the arms that were held by rubber bands and used to always come apart and you could never get them back together? Well, now I know how they made them. If we only had one of those gadgets to put the rubber band back in.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching a woman and her grandchildren do the chocolate packaging center. It reminded me of the “I Love Lucy” show.

Bill’s favorite was the “Tools on Wheels.”

The weaving machine was kind of neat to see. I sure wouldn’t want to be the one to clean off all the fibers that collected all over it.

And I always like to see the Old Style Hair Salons.

As I looked at the vintage bottle display, I wondered how much of the sea glass that I collected on this trip was from one of these.

We seemed to be following the tidal waters from the Bay of Fundy during low tide.

Of course, the roads alongside are not nearly as flat as the river beds.

It is so cool to see the red mud during low tide. It’s such a favorite part of the trip, that I decided to do a separate entry just for the Bay of Fundy.


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