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I’m so behind on my blog. After our goodbyes to our guests on the Canadian Gaspe/Maritimes trip, we headed for the U.S. Border. The only thing I can say about that is DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR VEHICLE WHILE WAITING IN LINE! Enough said.

After dropping our RV in Vermont for our next trip, stopping near Buffalo to buy a motorcycle lift, heading BACK into Canada to cross over to Michigan, and renting a u-haul, we headed to Huron City to Bill’s cousins’ to pick up some family furniture.

Spending the night at the lake house brought back wonderful memories. The tree that my kids used to swing on is still standing, with the rope or chain still hanging, but no swing.

While driving from Michigan to home, we hear there has been a 4.8 earthquake in Virginia. We arrive home late Tuesday night and waited for Hurricane Irene to come on Saturday. Fortunately there was more hype than damage for us.

It was great to visit with my two grandkids, Shane and Olivia.

Before moving onto the next trip, we spent some time with guests from our Gaspe/Maritimes trip who were visiting the area. We took them over to Oxford, Maryland, for some good old fashion Maryland Steamed Crabs and to see how crabs molt to a soft shell crab stage.

Jeffie and I watched this crab (above right) for 40 MINUTES! HE NEVER CAME OUT OF HIS SHELL. We later found out we were watching a dead crab!!!! She didn’t hold that against us because the following day they invited us to their motor home for a fish fry. The incoming hurricane rains brought the dinner indoors.

That’s called “flexibility.”


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