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Our first day of touring Quebec was a motor coach ride through new and old Quebec City.

We stopped along the river near the fort and then headed into old Quebec.

I found it very interesting that a canon ball would be embedded at the base of a tree.


As well as at the base of a house.

What a beautiful city Old Quebec is.

You never know what you are going you see, like this guy who decided to stand on his head in the middle of the staircase.

I can’t tell you how many times he did so, making sure he was happy with the photo that his friend was taking.

As we wandered around before lunch, we found a Mural showing all the prominent people of Quebec.

They seem to be into murals on the side of buildings as we found another beautiful mural in the shopping district.

After lunch we gathered for an historical tour of Chateau Frontanac. The hotel was built by Emily Post’s father. It was in this hotel that she wrote her book of etiquette. You can see the hotel off in the distance.

We were split up into groups. Our group went with the hotel owner’s wife, who shared a lot of old stories about the hotel and its secrets.

I found it very interesting that it was in this hotel that the strategy was planned for “D-Day.” It seems that one of the employees who cleaned up after the meeting found a pad of notes regarding their strategy. When the officer came back to the room to get the notes that he forgot, he discovered that they were already found by an employee. The employee was asked to keep them a secret until after the event. Believe it or not, he did keep that secret and only talked about it after D-Day.

One of the wings is referred to as the “crooked wing” BECAUSE it was built to follow the street, but as you can see from the photo below, it is crooked.

The hotel has one of the city’s finest restaurants. The chef ensured that it was one of the finest by having a fresh garden on the roof (of course today the garden can’t support its many guests) and honey bees for fresh honey.

There were many old photographs of famous people who visited the hotel over the years. I found the photo of Princess Grace dancing with “Tom Cruise” fascinating.

BUT WAIT, Tom Cruise and Princess Grace of Monaco dancing at Carnival in 1969. Impossible! It turned out that it was not Tom Cruise at all, but a royal dignitary.

At the end of the tour, we walked down the “magical steps.”

They are said to be magical because if you make a wish and don’t reveal the wish, it will come true and only then can you tell of your wish. Years ago a couple was married in the hotel and they each made their own wish. In 1993, they returned to the hotel for their 60th wedding anniversary and revealed their wish. They both wished the very same thing, to live happily together for the rest of their lives and one day return to the hotel.

After our tour, we found out we were so lucky to take the tour in 2011 because the hotel will no longer be giving the tours. I certainly hope that is just a bad rumor, but I don’t think so.

Montmorency Falls was as beautiful as ever.

Wow, what a hike! Just walking up the stairs, which weren’t much, to the bridge let me know just how out of shape I was. Luckily, after viewing the falls from the top, we walked the 430 steps, but at least that was down. Up would have been a challenge.

At the bottom of the Falls was a rainbow and a pile of timber. Check out the message, “All You Need Is Love.” Someone was creative.

In the gift shop, there were photos of what the falls look like in winter. People actually use metal poles to walk up the falls.


Next to the Isle of Orleans for lunch. What unique houses they have. Many of the houses were built in the 1700s and are not allowed to be changed. They also have a building moratorium on building, so the older homes are bought and renovated as much as they are allowed. The minimum cost for a very small house on the Isle is $250,000.

We stopped at the Chocolate factory for lunch, No, we didn’t eat chocolate for lunch. There was a deli, but we did get some soft ice cream dipped in chocolate for dessert. OH MY GOSH! It was the best! The “Belgium” chocolate dip was so thick, not like in the U.S.

We then toured Albert Giles Copper Works. The creator died 30 years ago and the art is still carried on by his wife and children. One of his daughters gave us a tour and explained the process to us. What beautiful things they had on display and for sale. Can you guess what the yellow background is made of in the picture of the monkey?

Our last stop of the day was the Sainte-Anne Beaupre Basilica. My Patron Saint.

What a beautiful church.

Downstairs we found a room of candles. There were so many lit that you immediately felt the heat as you walked into the room. It felt like a huge fireplace burning.

Our last night in Quebec was spent at the Lowe’s Concord Hotel Revolving Restaurant for dinner. The food was better than wonderful.

And the view…

Check out the Chateau Frontanac, above right.


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