Day 20-21 Glen, New Hampshire   Leave a comment


It’s not a very good picture because I had a hard time grabbing the camera, turning it on, AND getting it focused as we were driving by. As we came down the mountain, Falls on the left, we thought all the cars were stopped to see the Falls, but then after we passed them, we thought it must be construction, but it turned out it was a moose.

Well, the rains of the Eastern Seaboard finally caught up with us. We are on day 4 of rain. Arriving in Glen, New Hampshire, we camped next to a river which was rising 2 inches every hour. Poor Bill didn’t get much sleep with checking the river ready to evacuate with our guests if needed. The photo below was taken the “morning after.”

The night before as we went to bed, the rocks in the middle of the river could not be seen. When the sun came up, we were pleasantly surprised to see that the puddle of water (or it could have been called a small pond) had disappeared. The river seemed to be going down.

Life was good.

We boarded our scenic railroad right there at that campground. Rather than driving miles into town and since the train passed next to our campground, they picked us up! How’s that for service?!

Our group rode first class in the “dome” car.

What a beautiful ride through Crawford Notch and the White Mountains.

Mount Washington Resort hotel was built (I believe) in the early 1900s and is still going strong.

We are definitely here at the peak time for the changing of the leaves.


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