Day 22-24 Ashland, New Hampshire   Leave a comment

Another beautiful drive,

but we were all excited about arriving early to get ready for our murder mystery dinner.

There was a lot of sobbing after the murder

And Sergeant Lord went into action and discovered the murder.

I just love to watch how creative the guests can be.

On Golden Pond. What a way to start a tour of an area. We took a boat cruise where we saw the area Henry Fonda got angry about gas prices and took off in the boat, where he capsized out of the boat and held on to the rock, the house they used on the pond.

The house used in the movie was hidden by the trees, but we did see the house that was their first choice for the movie, but the owners already had it rented out to a couple who comes up every year on the lake and they were unwilling to change their plans.

After a wonderful lunch at Walter’s Basin right there at the dock, we walked the trail at Squam Lakes Natural Science Center. Where we saw yet another moose!

Bears, owl, etc.

Castle in the Clouds was built in 1913-1914.

Built by Thomas Gustave Plant (1859-1941), who made his fortune in the shoe manufacturing industry, retiring as a millionaire at age 51, having sold his business to the United Shoe Machinery Company in 1910.

He married his second wife, Olive, in 1913, built his mansion, buying property known as Ossipee Mountain Park, accumulated land from the Ossipee Mountains all the way to Lake Winnipesaukee, eventually owning 6,300 acres. The house was equipped with a brine cooled refrigerator, central vacuum system, intercom system, and wrap around showers in every bathroom.

Unfortunately after a series of failed investments, Plant attempted from the mid-1920s through the Great Depression to sell the mountaintop estate. It cost him over a million to build and he could not find a buyer at $750,000. They continued to live on the estate, even though they could not afford it. The day Tom Plant died, the bank foreclosed and kicked Olive off the estate.

The mountains behind the estate were once a volcano which imploded and created the C shape mountain range.

Down at the stable, we met Zeus, the second largest Belgium Draft horse in the world. He’s almost 21 hands high, weighing about 3,000 pounds.

What a ham he was for photos.


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