Day 30-33 Niagara Falls, Ontario   Leave a comment

Wow, we are coming to an end of our 33 day Fall Colors Tour. The last half of the tours always seem to go by so fast.

We arrived back over the Canada Border (that’s our 7th Canada Border crossing this year for us!) in time to get ready for our farewell dinner at Skyline Revolving Tower. The view of the Falls from the Tower was magnificent.

Great company, great food and a great view!

We were treated to a first class bus tour of Niagara Falls,

Mount Carmel Spiritual Centre,

wine tasting at a local winery, Pickard’s Peanuts, the Chocolate Factory

and Welland Canal Locks Tour. Each spring a “Top Hat” ceremony is held at the opening of the Canal. The captain of the first upbound vessel to enter the Welland Canal signs the inside of the Top Hat. The museum at the Lock holds the top hat that has been signed since 1947. In 1984, this hat was “retired since it ran out of space to hold any more signatures. A second hat is now being signed.

Also housed in the museum are some items from the 1983 movie, A Christmas Story, which was filmed at Victoria Public School on Niagara Street. Remember the famous scene where he licks the frozen pole and the Red Ryder BB gun?

Our last day at Niagara Falls was spent on the “people mover” going from the Niagara Fury (the movie about the formation of Niagara Falls), White Water Walk, and Journey Behind the Falls. While waiting in line, we found an interesting area (see below left). One door said “please use other door” while the only other door said “no admittance.” Hmmm which way do we go…..

Above right is where you can look out from “behind” the falls. Can’t see anything, but you can say you were there!

We all got soak and wet on the Maid of the Mist Boat Ride. Not from the rain so much as from the mist from the falls.

The campground we were staying in Niagara Falls, Ontario, had their grounds set up for Halloween. Very creative. Our last night was spent listening to the screams of the children (and probably adults too) as they walked thru the haunted campground.

Our final hitch-up continental breakfast with hugs and good-byes is always difficult. It’s hard to say goodbye to the friendships you form, but if you look at it in another way, they are friendships you have formed and will hopefully cross paths again.

Our drive through New York and Pennsylvania still showed the peak of fall colors.

I forget what city we were passing, but I thought this was a cool bridge.

What a beautiful drive and now we are home sweet home.


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