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Uptown parades were viewed in our comfortable lawn chairs, that is if you chose to “sit.” Babylon, Chaos and Muses paraded with Muses being my all time favorite. It’s a group of girls throwing decorated high heeled shoes, bracelets, eye masks, pins, just about anything you can think with shoes on them, and of course beads. Three women in our group caught 3 of the decorated shoes. I caught a pair of flip flops; does that count?

The day before the “Mega” parades we went downtown to walk around the French Quarters before it got too too crowded and to see the walking “Hermes” parade. Hermes is a Krewe from all walks of life, businessmen to doctors to lawyers. One REALLY NICE gentleman allowed some of our group to “pick” which beads around his neck that they wanted. All they had to do was get them off – not as easy as they thought.

We were delighted by Chef Kevin at the New Orleans School of Cooking. What a character! He was a show in himself. AND the food he prepared for us was delicious.

We visited Mardi Gras World to see how the floats were designed and created.

Every day closer to Mardi Gras Day was more crowded and “crazier.”

It’s amazing how created people are and many of them made pretty good money in tips. The guy who turned into a police car was very ingenious.

We spent the day before Mardi Gras making our customs. We were a “Pile of Sheets”

Everyone had a different expression about “sheets.” We were on the evening and morning news, local and national. Nothing like seeing 90 people in a group dressed in sheets.

We watched the “Mega” Parades, like Endymion, Bacchus, Zulu, and Rex from the grand stands on St. Charles Street, next to the “reviewing” stands.

What great seats. Some of the floats were 3 trailers long.

Some of the group chose to walk through the French Quarters on Mardi Gras day instead of staying in the stands for the parades. Or should I say “Squeeze through the French Quarters? It was an experience. The costumes were amazing.

On our way back to the bus, we found someone who had a little too much Mardi Gras……

Poor girl.


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