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What a great set up they have. One building is salt water fish and the other building is fresh water fish.

This little creature has 3 hearts, tentacles that come out of his head, and blue blood.

It’s called a cuttlefish. He looked so sad. It was like he was saying, hug me.

The King Crab also looked as though he wanted to interact with us.

The shark, however, was another story.

As well as the Alligator Snapping Turtle who lies motionless with his mouth open to use their tongue (which looks like worms) to lure its prey.

Now that was a scary site.

Jellyfish are always an interesting creature to watch and be thankful that you are not in the water with them.

Upside down jellyfish were really something different.

Now, I just had to jump into the tank and get a photo with the piranhas.

What a great place to visit.


Posted May 11, 2012 by carolnbill in Friends, Travel

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