44 day Lewis and Clark Trail   2 comments

St. Charles, MO

Day 1-2

We are starting our 44 day Lewis & Clark Trail with 21 total RVs with a great orientation and dinner.

We had so much food that we had to take a long, long walk in the evening. We never told anyone they would lose weight on our trip.

St. Charles has held The Lewis & Clark Heritage Festival since 1979, when the town found from Lewis & Clark journals that their trip actually began in St. Charles.

We started with a tour of the First State Capitol Building and were greeted by a wonderful tour guide who explained how Missouri became a state.

Apparently the President would not allow them to become a state because he didn’t agree with their constitution. They didn’t care and continued to say they were a state. A few years later, they changed their constitution so that the President would finally grant them stateship .

Moving on to the “Doctor” we found out all about how some of the medicines used in the Lewis & Clark days were actually poison. A lot of the medicines used that had a positive affect were used but they didn’t really know why they worked. Medicines didn’t seem to be a science, they seemed more like trial and error.

After the Fife and Drum Corps parade

We spent the afternoon wandering around the authentic reenactment of Lewis & Clark’s encampment in 1804.

The festival is so much fun for the children and they seem to take it very seriously.

Especially this young entrepreneur

We met the great, great, great grandson of Clark, Charlie Clark, pictured below,

who led the men who participated in the actual reenactment of the Lewis & Clark Expedition. He has a cousin, Bud, who usually also participates, but we didn’t see him this year. We also didn’t see Josh, who was the youngest member of the reenactment. We were so lucky to talk to so many of the actual participants of the reenactment who told us of the uncanny similarities of their trip and the original trip. The participants have formed a camaraderie that is so strong and a bond that will last forever.

On the other end of town is the Lewis & Clark museum with a Keel boat replica underneath, which we were invited to see. We were very lucky to have the owner, Mimi give us a great introduction to the Lewis & Clark expedition. What a treat.

Before we left town, we visited the church where the original expedition said prayers before leaving on their trip. You will notice that the log cabin with vertical logs as opposed to the usual way of laying logs.


2 responses to “44 day Lewis and Clark Trail

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  1. Have a great time. We really liked that trip. Say Hi to anyone we know.
    Shirley and Carolyn

  2. We will have a great time. This is a great trip. You know a lot of people here. The trip 4 days behind us is here. It’s like a reunion!

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