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Day 3, we hopped into our luxury tour bus complete with guide Judy and headed for St. Louis. Our first stop was the Gateway Arch.

We watched a movie on the building of the arch. It was quite interesting to see how they had to jack the two sides of the arch apart in order to fit the last piece in.

Wow, these men were brave. It was scary enough being on the inside of the monument let along thinking about being on the outside! It is the tallest monument in the country at 630 feet.

That was an experience in itself to get to the top of the arch so that we could look out the windows over the beautiful city. If you are claustrophobic you might want to think twice about doing that!

What a view from the top. Below is the stadium and court house.

At the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center we found it humorous that this wagon would be next to a photo of Armstrong walking on the moon.

The photo below is Trail Creek Pass where several horses fell, some turned over and others slipped down steep hill sides. One horse crippled and 2 gave out.

Can you imagine climbing these rocks with a horse??!!

and Camp River Dubois, located in Illinois, is known as the point of departure. This is where Lewis & Clark’s expedition actually departed from on May 24, 1804. The full scale replica of this winter encampment is based on Clark’s own drawing.

They set up camp here at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri River, as seen pictured behind us in the photo below, on December 12, 1803, and prepared for the next five months for their journey.

You can tell the rivers apart because the Missouri River is always very muddy. The farmers used to say it was “too thick to drink and too thin to plow.”

At the interpretive center, we saw a short film and a replica 55 ft. keelboat, with its 30 foot high mast,

made so that you can see the living quarters and how supplies were stored.

Day 4, again, we hopped into our luxury tour bus and joined the same tour guide. St. Louis has the oldest market in the country. It came into operation in the 1700s and is still operating today! The reason for that is that the woman who owned it, left the market to the city when she died, with the stipulation that it must remain a market. If it ceases to operate as a market, every living heir to her must be found and given their share. So, needless to say, the city is making sure that it operates as a market.

Our driving tour of Forest Park and Tower Grove Park shows us some beautiful homes, much cheaper than in Washington, D.C. area. Forest Park was the home of the 1904 World’s Fair and contains the Art, History, and Science Museums, Zoo, Jewel Box greenhouse, and the Muny Theater. There is only one building left, pictured below, as a reminder of the World’s Fair.

We had our choice of touring the Botanical Garden, which has the largest traditional Japanese garden in North America, or the zoo, which is rated one of the best in North America – right up there with the San Diego Zoo. All of our guests wanted to go to the zoo. It was fabulous. We were able to see the other sections of the zoo that we missed when we toured in 2009.

We had the most filling meal at an all-you-can eat buffet and then off to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery.

The world famous Budweiser Clydesdale are my favorite.

They delivered the first case of Budweiser to Washington, D.C. after the repeal of Prohibition. There is a criterion to be part of the traveling hitch team. They are known for their size, strength and precision. They must be 4 years old, 18 hands tall, weigh between 2,000-2,300 lbs., have a bay color, four white stocking feet, a blaze of white on his face, and a black mane and tail. They have been a company icon since 1933. The Dalmatian dogs have traveled with the hitch team since the 1950s.

We visited the museum, the lager cellar, the packaging plant and of course the tasting room.

finishing in the hospitality room for a full glass of our choice of beer, not just a little paper cup either. We were told you could have 2 glasses, but I don’t think they were counting. Bill tried Stella Artois, while I tried a new beer with a lemon flavor. I now like the lemon over the lime flavored beer.


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  1. Looks like good weather and lots of fun. How are you getting along as “wagon masters”? My guess is Fantastic!! When do Bobby and Marcia catch up with you? Take care and have fun.

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