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Day 14

Corn Palace was an AMAIZING site! It is the only one in the world.

Built in 1892 when the city of Mitchell was just 12 years old. They were competing to become the state’s capital. They of course lost, but the Corn Palace lives on. Each year they decorate the outside of the building with a new theme. It is stripped and redecorated with new corn and grains.

Over the summer, 3,000 bushels of milo, rye, oat heads, and sour dock are tied in bundles and attached. The corn murals have to wait until late summer when the corn crop is ready. Over a half million ears of corn are sawed in half and nailed to the building following patterns created by a local artist. The best time to take pictures of the Corn Palace would be in Sept. when they have completed the designs because as the corn ages, it dulls.

Below is a photo of the Corn Palace decorated the year we were born and the year we graduated high school.

The Corn Palace has an auditorium which is not redecorated every year. When the corn starts to discolor, they replace it as needed, but the designs stay the same.

Many famous people have performed here over the years, and still are.

We visited the Corn Palace in 2010 during their festival when Kenny Rogers was playing. It was impossible to get tickets. They also use the auditorium for local sporting events.

We toured of the Carnegie Museum, which is run by volunteers. The building was a library in 1903. In 1940 the famous Yanktonai Nakota Souix artist, Oscar Howe, painted the mural “Sun and Rain Clouds Over Hills” in the dome.

He was only paid approximately $65 to paint the mural. The design was so precise that if you stand out front of the building and look through the window above the front door, you can see one of the birds in the painting centered in the window. He originally used ink base paint and the heat faded the paint, so he had to come back and use an oil base paint. From 1949-1971 Howe designed the murals made of corn for the Corn Palace.

Before leaving the museum, I used the restroom and found an interesting wall hanging.

The pre-historic indian village showed us how the Mandans lived. Lewis & Clark encountered this tribe in the winter of 1804. We viewed an actual ongoing indoor archeological dig in the Archeodome, one of three in the world.

It’s pretty cool to see what they’ve uncovered.


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  1. Loved the corn palace, interesting to see the different designs of each year. I have a mini stuffed Corny in my coach from last year!

    Kitty Stafford

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