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Day 21-23

Our drive to Fort Peck, Montana was definitely NOT an uneventful drive. We started out with rain coming down by the bucketfuls, some of our guests experiencing hail. THEN we came upon “Montana’s Top of the World Highway.”

We drove for miles and miles, not knowing just how far this dirt road was going to take us. At one point, we topped a hill and could not believe what we saw ahead.

Yep, we saw dirt road for as far as we could see, AND YOU CAN SEE FOR MILES OUT WEST!

As we came into the town of Wolfe Point, 2 of our guest rigs had flat tires. Have you ever seen a bunch of men watching a woman change a tire????


Well, she must have embarrassed the men into helping.

Day 22, Everyone was on their own to tour the Fort Peck Dam and Interpretive Center. So we got to sleep in, WHAT A TREAT! The dam is the first dam of the Missouri as you go south. It was started in 1933

and completed in 1940.

During the peak of building there were 10,564 workers. It is the largest hydraulically filled dam in the world, holding back a lake 130 miles long!

There is a spillway which they call the longest concrete "bowling alley" ever. I’ll bet the skate boarders would LOVE to get down there! They said to their knowledge, it’s never been used.

The interpretive center had wonderful exhibits of the wildlife, fossils found in the area, pictures, and memories of the building of the dam. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by (I wish I had my grandson here who could tell me the name of this dinosaur because I’ve forgotten it….) The skull on the left was found when building the dam and is the only one of its kind. I believe they said they discovered that there were only 30 of these creatures which is strange because that is the dinosaur studied by schools the most and it seems that there were thousands of them.

We drove up on the dam to the lookout points as well as across the dam. There’s also a wildlife preserve area you can drive through, but you need to drive up there at dusk if you want to see any animals.

We hosted our first barbecue/potluck for the group. We tried to get buffalo burgers, but were unable to. It seems that last year’s flooding affecting EVERYTHING.

Ending our day with “Rock Racing.”

As you can see, the race was close and intense for #3, 4, 5, and 6. As we were playing a storm with tornado warnings was brewing, but everyone wanted to keep on playing.

Havre, Montana

Our drive day didn’t start out very good. One of our guests had a flat tire before we left the park, which tells me that they must have picked up something on that dirt road along with our other 2 guests!


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