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Day 23, After wondering all evening if the rains and tornado was going to hit, we were once again lucky (and glad) that we just got some rain, we headed to Havre, Montana, where we have a one nighter before going on to Great Falls.

About 5 miles out of Glasgow, we saw dinosaurs on the hill!

Then the next thing we know, we see a “boot fence.”

You just never know what you are going to see out west. Guess they spend a lot of their time being creative.

Ft. Benton, Montana

Day 24, Driving through Montana, mostly next to a railroad track, we were happy to see that most of the cargo trains were moving as opposed to sitting empty 3 years ago. On our way to Great Falls, Montana, we stopped at Fort Benton, known as the birthplace of Montana.

Fort Benton is a quaint little town. Right alongside the Missouri River with some of the original buildings.

The fort was used as a trade station. The picture on the right below is how the walls were built.

The statute above on the right is George Montgomery. He was born in the area, the youngest of 15 and headed for Hollywood as soon as he graduated from high school. He starred in 87 movies and the Cimarron City Television series.

There is a small museum where we saw the rifle Chief Joseph had in his possession when he surrendered.


There’s also another museum that houses the Smithsonian Hornaday buffalo (pictured right), which was used as the model for the Buffalo Nickel.

This is what the town looks like from the highway.

Driving towards our destination of Great Falls were some wonderful sites, like this house out in the middle of nowhere on the side of a hill!


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