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Once we arrived at the Clarkston campground (and what a beautiful campground right along Snake River!), we set up the clubhouse for the Lewis and Clark Medicine Man Show. He was great! He talked about all the illnesses and diseases that the expedition faced and what types of cures they used. He was more than interesting! Jim volunteered so that he could show us how they would “bleed” someone for the really bad illnesses.

Our sunset was absolutely spectacular! It started out pretty and as the sun went down, it became more and more picturesque.

Even the news media commented on how beautiful and posted photos.

Day 33, Off to Hells Canyon on our jet boat tour! WHAT A FUN DAY! We boarded the jet boat for our 6 hour cruise.

Guest, Doug, passed around some ginger snap when another guest commented you “have” to dip ginger snaps in your coffee, so Doug obliged and let her dip her cookie in his coffee.

As we navigated up Snake River, we saw some gorgeous homes. I was able to get the front side of the one below when Bill and I took a motorcycle ride. The rock formation is columnar basalt formed when the earth cooled. The formations are different, depending on how quickly the earth cooled. It was really strange to see some vertical, horizontal, bowed, as pictured above left.

Once we got into “Hell’s Canyon” it was more wilderness as the only way to get there was by boat. There were no roads. We could not believe that people built vacation homes here! Our captain said it takes up to 3 years to build a house. EVERYTHING from nails to framing needs to be brought in BY BOAT. They use solar or generators for electricity. There were a few very, very beautiful homes. They call it Hell’s Canyon because in the summer it gets hotter than ___.

The tour company provided us with a lovely barbecue lunch with a great view of the canyon.

We hated to leave such a beautiful place, but we said we could come back as he also runs a bed and breakfast.

This is the area where Chief Joseph led 2,000 members of his tribe across the canyon and didn’t lose anyone (men, women, children or horses). The soldiers crossed the canyon a little further up river and lost 70% of their men.

We stopped at an area where there were pictographs which have been identified as 3-5,000 years old. We were not allowed to get off the boat because in the past, people damaged the artifacts, so now you can only look from the boat.

We saw wildlife galore, like the bald eagles, bighorn sheep, deer (who were not afraid of us), and baby owls (who seemed to be giving us the “stink” eye)

Before our return back to camp, our guide, Butch, made another stop at their farm area and served us homemade ice cream!

We took so many pictures that it was difficult to choose which ones to post.

One I have to post is Doug and his big fish story.

He’s from Texas, and everything seems to be bigger down there, even their stories.

On our free day, we took a motorcycle ride over the mountains, and again, I took so many photos, it is hard to pick just a few to post.

Ending our day with an ice cream social and BINGO!


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  1. Great pictures. I really like the one of the mighty fisherman. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.

  2. Can’t wait to see you guys!

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