Calgary Rope Square and Tower   Leave a comment

Calgary flapjacks were on the menu this morning. Boy, were the cooks in rare form, along with the folks who entertained us as we waited in line for our flapjacks.

As we made our way to Rope Square, Bill thought now authentic these chuck wagons looked. Well, they were authentic, because THEY WERE THE REAL THING! Along with their drivers! Below left is Troy Flad, who drove for Rocky Mountain Equipment, flipping the flapjacks and let me tell you, he did a terrific job!

We also met Kirk Sunderland, who drove for Ghostpine and whose brother ended up winning the chuck wagon race at the Stampede!

How nice that these chuck wagon drivers bring their wagons down to Rope Square and cook for us!

There was dancing in the street, vendors of all kinds, and “entrepreneurs.”

AND while waiting for our bus, I got my picture with a “real” cowboy (above right). When his ride pulled up, his gun went into the trunk!

Then it was on to the Calgary Tower,

where we could stand on glass which hung out over the street, a little over 500 feet high. As I looked down, there was a horse trailer! Wow, what was that cowboy doing in front of the Tower?

It wasn’t long before we discovered that every year during Stampede, this cowboy brings his horse to the Tower, to ride up in the elevator to the top!

WOW! What a treat to be there for this event!

We ended our day at the Olympic Park Hall of Fame.


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