Sturgis Bike Week   2 comments

Goodbye Tetons,

The drive through Wyoming took us through very different terrain we could think of. At first I thought we were on the moon, then the painted dessert, then Sedona, AZ. There were mountains, plains and desert.

Hello Sturgis!

The drive was exciting with hundreds of bikers all heading to the same destination, STURGIS, SOUTH DAKOTA.

As you come into town, you are greeted by traffic, banners and vacancy notices.

People were camping everywhere!

The first day of Bike Week was revving up

Now what do you think their mothers would say……..

They were probably there!!!!!

And grandma too!

It was such a mixture of people from all walks of life, and I mean ALL walks of life. This guy had no problem running around snapping whatever photos he could. Nothing like being inconspicuous.

People were everywhere

and so were the bikes.

Deadwood was just as busy.

And so was the Harley Davidson Dealership outside of town.

The purpose of our visit was to get a custom seat for our bike. That will be my next entry.


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2 responses to “Sturgis Bike Week

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  1. We were in Sturgis when it wasn’t bike week, it was a lot quieter. I think people who dress like some of these bikers want the attention (you think?) so I wouldn’t worry about being conspicuous in my picture taking.

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