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While at Sturgis during Bike Week, our main purpose was to customize our BMW seat for a more comfortable ride. The best place we found was Master Lugo’s, whom we met when we were in Sturgis for Bike Week in 2009. I normally don’t promote businesses on my website like this, but decided this was a service well worth advertising. They are out of Florida, phone number 813-420-5989 or you can email them at WeCare.

It is a family run business and they aim to please. I wish I had taken a “before” picture, but didn’t think about it until the seats were already off.

The first step is to modify the seat for a more comfortable fit. In our case, the seats were trimmed and sanded.

Now it’s time for the memory foam, while mama is helping a customer in the background and son #3 looks on.

A little more trimming.

Little more sanding.

At last, it was time to try out our seats to see how they fit.

After a little more adjustment to mine, we were off to visit with our Teamster friends while “JR” worked on making the cover.

The Teamster Local Union 120 truck just “happened” to be in town. Since they represent the police, we got the scoop from them on the happenings in town.

Back to watch the final processes of our seat. Once the pattern is made,

JR expertly sews the cover together, with son #3 overseeing the process.

Once the cover is made, son #2 steps into the picture by gluing and fitting the cover to the seat.

Then it’s time to expertly staple the cover, making sure everything is smooth and there are no ripples or pleats.

Meanwhile, son #1 is working on someone else’s seat.

What a great time talking to each member of the family.

Time to put the seats back in place and for JR to check to make sure everything looks good.

Now how comfortable are Master Lugo’s custom seats?

I think the above photo says it all.

You can’t beat getting a custom seat while you wait. As JR says, “If you aren’t happy, he’s not happy.” It is all about the customer.

Look for Master Lugo’s Custom Seats at any big Bike Rally across the United States. Otherwise, visit him in Tampa, Florida.



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