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Leaving Sturgis and on to our friends in Illinois. Driving through the badlands in South Dakota makes you wonder why anyone would want to settle in this area.

Driving through Iowa was déjà vu. We felt like we were back on the Lewis & Clark trip following the Missouri River. They are still doing cleanup from the 2011 flooding.

Once in Indiana, we stopped in Pekin, Illinois to visit with friends, Keith and Terry.

They have a beautiful Victorian house built in the 1800s and have a story about everything in the house. It even has a ghost, although we never saw or heard it. Although the stuffed bear did start taking for no reason in the middle of the night….

We love sitting on their back porch, drinking coffee, catching up, and watching the world go by.

We had beautiful weather which allowed us to take some great motorcycle rides. My main objective was to visit Terry’s sister’s restaurant “The Home of the Moose Burger,” but she closed it several months ago due to a family illness, but is planning on reopening soon. So the next time, that’s where I’m heading! But we did head to another favorite place along the Illinois River for a great tenderloin dinner. My plate pictured below is only ½ of the meal! Bill had the other ½ and we shared the plate of onion rings.

Who says things are bigger in Texas? I hate to take photos while people are eating, but couldn’t resist sharing this one.

Leaving Illinois, we headed to Indiana to tour the Newmar Factory. We were surprised to find that they no longer are building 5th wheel trailers. The building of a motor home was fascinating. We weren’t allowed to take photos, but once outside the plant, we saw a chassis being delivered.

While in the area, we visited the RV Museum.

The oldest travel trailer in the world. The “Earl” travel trailer and Model “T” Ford. The trailer was restored in 1980 and the car was restored in 1990. It has a dining table that converts into a double bed. Storage was under the seats and on both sides of the back door.

1916 Auto Telescope Apartment which sold for $100! What a deal!

1958 Airstream “the little prince.” The smallest Airstream ever built and the only one ever built.

Ranger Crank-up tent trailer. Fewer than 200 were built in 1955. It was the first to use fiberglass in the trailer bodies and the first brand to use the term “slide-out” to describe the extended rear bed.

1954 Spartan Imperial Mansion. 8 X 42 Feet were built by Spartan Aircraft Company, owned by J. Paul Getty at the end of WWII to utilize the surplus of the wartime airplanes. They were the finest mobile homes in the 1940s and 1950s. The wrap around front window was a Spartan trademark.

This 1974 GMC Motor Home is an example of the very advanced motor homes produced from 1973 to 1978 by General Motors Corp.

Carriage was founded in 1968 that produced high quality travel trailers with retirees and other full time users in mind.

One more stop before reaching home. Good old West Virginia where we enjoyed the biggest bonfire.

It was a little too hot to get close enough to make smores…..

Our home stop is now delayed due to a truck that decided to die……

Better stuck here than on the side of the road.


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