October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast harder than any hurricane we’ve ever had. It was not quite as bad as Hurricane Katrina that destroyed New Orleans, but it was the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime.

We normally don’t get “the eye” of a Hurricane, but this was decided to come inland at Dewey Beach, Delaware, which is not far from our beach house in Fenwick Island. We were not prepared. Once we figured out it was going to be bad, it was too late. As it turned out, those on the Back Bay, which includes us, were hit worse than oceanfront.

The waters receded on Tuesday, so we headed up to assess the damages. We were not quite prepared for what we saw.

I opened the front door to find that the entire first floor looked like the bottom of the bay with the stinky silty muck everywhere……. We were told that the middle of the street had 18 inches of water in it—you could not tell the canals from the streets. It smelled like the bay too…… We had enough water that floated our heavy picnic table off the padio!

It took about 7 hours to do our first wet vac/mop. 3 more moppings and the floor was looking pretty good.

Three loads to the dump and about 4,000 lbs later…..

All the doors and moldings were ripped out, along with a lot of drywall (33 inches up from the floor).

We tried to save the kitchen cabinets, but we decided to rip them out too. Good thing since they kinda fell apart as we ripped them out.

As we cleaned, tore out, and carried to the dump, we thought how lucky we were that we never lost power, it wasn’t hot, had a garage to house our debris until we could get it to the dump, had an upstairs to live in, didn’t live in NJ or NY where the damage was much worse AND found that we had termites before much damage was done.



Posted December 24, 2012 by carolnbill in Travel

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