Day 5-6 Montgomery, Alabama   3 comments

We started our tour day at the information center with a short film about Montgomery, Alabama. Then onto a special “quick” tour of the Shakespeare Theater and Governor’s Mansion.

One of the highlights of the day was Hank Williams and his wife’s gravesite at Oakwood Cemetery. We understand that Hank Williams, Jr. lives close by and is “sited” often in the cemetery.

There were a few buildings we drove by that had a unique brick coloring. The builders used “syrup” in the brick for the coloring. Imagine that!

We stopped at Martin Luther King’s Baptist Church.

Not far was the Civil Rights Memorial. The street is the only street where you cannot drive by and stop your car. It is highly guarded.

The Center is adjacent to the Memorial and is built to be bombproof.

There’s a beautiful fountain in the circle where Rosa Parks boarded for the infamous trolley ride. She was arrested a few blocks away because she refused to give up her seat when requested by the trolley driver, who was also a politician.

The White House of the Confederacy has quite a history. It was built 1832 by William Sayre and used as the Confederate White House in 1861. It was moved in 19210 to its present location. They took the top floor off & moved it separate from the bottom floor and assembled it where it stands now. They have no photos of the move. Too bad, that would have been really interesting to see.

The last stop before returning home was the Capitol Building

where we got a history lesson on Alabama legislature. While visiting the rooms, I noticed a beautiful pot-bellied stove in the old Senate room.

On the steps of the Capitol, there’s a star embedded in the marble.

That is where Jefferson Davis stood and was sworn in as the President of the Confederacy.


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  1. this is not only ducational but beautiful

  2. sorry I meant educational, misspelled my first comment

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