Day 18 – Enroute to Richmond, Virginia   Leave a comment

The day did not start out well.  One of our guests called and said they had been side-swiped on I-95 which turned out to be a hit and run.  Luckily they were not injured and the RV was driveable.

Two good things came out of their misfortune.  The state policeman who responded to investigate the accident told us about a local barbecue place, “Bill’s” which was much closer than the one we were intending to eat at, “Ralph’s.”AND it was much closer and we were starving.  We had a great lunch.

As we were driving in Virginia, I returned the call to my son, Robby (the truck driver), only to find that he was just 10 miles behind us on I-95.  Bill and I exited the highway and waited for Robby to catch up.  He jumped out of his truck gave me a few Mother’s Day hugs and off he went.  So because of our guests, I had the best Mother’s Day ever.

I had photos of our police and son encounter, but somehow manage to lose them from the camera before I could get them to my PC.  Hence, the pictureless posting……….


Posted May 13, 2013 by carolnbill in Adventure Caravans, Family, RV, Travel

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