Finally finished our trip and now need to spend time getting repairs done. First stop was Newmar, who confirmed that the “fume” smell we had while driving was from the insulation they used around the engine has proven to be defective over time. One, which is no longer covered under warranty……

Second stop was to MasterTech RV Repairs in Elkhart, Indiana. THIS HAS PROVEN TO BE A GREAT FIND! Tim, the owner, is wonderful! He’s knowledgeable, capable, accommodating, and a pleasure to work with. He has been “working” with our extended warranty company, United Service Protection which was bought thru Camping World (BEWARE–DO NOT BUY THIS WARRANTY), to replace the broken aquahot. The aquahot is what provides the coach with hot water and heat. Yes, we’ve been taking cold showers for the last several weeks. Bottom line, after sitting here for almost a week (through no fault of Mastertech), we are paying for it out of our own pocket and will have our attorney contact them.

While enjoying our stay, here at Mastertech in Elkhart, IN, I found where they produce or paint Utz trucks. We were just at their factory in Gettysburg not long ago.

Then next to them was SaraLee

Then, not far was a Thomas’ English Muffen!

Well, after that walk, I was HUNGRY!


Posted June 12, 2013 by carolnbill in RV, Travel

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