Day 2-3 – Hill Springs, Alberta, Canada   Leave a comment

Our first caravan travel day. We were a little nervous that some of the rigs may not be ready to leave on time because of some issues that needed to be fixed, but everyone was able to get their work done and off we went. ANOTHER REASON TO GET TO RENDEVOUS EARLY.

I don’t know why I’m always nervous crossing the Canadian Border, either going into Canada OR coming back to the U.S., but it makes me a little tense. As we rolled up into the line and sat there waiting, we noticed that once again, we got into the wrong lane…. The cars to the right of us were buzzing through, while our customs agent seemed to be a little more interested in asking a lot of questions. While we noticed 2 cars ahead of us was from New York, we thought, ugh, he’s going to be there a while and the Canadian car behind him will zip on thru. NOT. Before we knew it, the NY car was gone and the Canadian car spent more time at the window, but not much. Hmmmmm they must have had a change of shifts. YES!

We rolled up and the young man asked if we knew our plate number. Well, no…. As I ran to the back of our motorhome to get the registration, he proceeded to question Bill. As I came to the front of the rig, I heard him ask “Does your wife have firearms? My answer is no, but I have a cell phone that I can’t figure out how to turn off the data (while sitting in the line, the phone warned me to turn off my data plan or be hit with a charge). The look on his face was precious. He looked both ways and said, hand me your phone quickly and I’ll take a look. My luck, he wasn’t sure if he got it turned off or not…… Hope I don’t find out the hard way!

After answering that we had more beer & wine allowable for the 2 of us, he sent us on our merry way! What a nice young man!

The Canadian Rockies (seen off in the distance) are the most beautiful site! These are some mountains!

Everyone arrived at our campground safe and sound and ready for our first bus trip.

Remington-Alberta Carriage Centre houses over 200 horse-drawn vehicles, one of the largest assemblages in North America.

A sample of a carriage pre and post restored is shown in the photo below.

Our next stop, Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump was closed due to all of the flooding in Calgary. The town we were at was expecting the river to crest at noon and the waters were flowing fast.

At that point, we decided to visit Fort Macleod – Museum of the North West Mounted Police. It explores the challenging early years of the NWMP, now known as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). The Red Coats are Coming, a dramatic interpretation of early aborianal and police culture. Fort Macleod, which was supposed to be our en route stop for the following day. It’s called, FLEXIBILITY.

The chapel was plagued 1970. Wow, is it supposed to be old??!!

The original site restoration of the Sir Frederick Haultain Law Office.

En route back to the campground was a church that is now a house.

Pretty cool.

Topping our night off with a dinner

and show at the Great Canadian Barn Dance.

What a beautiful walk back to our campsite.

Tomorrow on to Calgary.


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