Day 7-8 Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada   Leave a comment

We finally left Calgary and detoured to Rocky Mountain House, which is northeast of Banff. Because of all the flooding, we had to skip Banff and Lake Louise.

Leaving Calgary we could see the Canadian Rockies off in a distance.

The drive showed some of the devastation the flooding has caused. Pictured below shows that the waters came up to the road, quite a distance from the river.

Closer to the campground, the bridge was shut down to one lane.

This area, although not hit as hard as Calgary, was still feeling the effects of the flooding.

Once in our campground, Bill and I took a walk along the river. If the river were up another 3 to 4 feet, the campground would have been under water….

Check out this RV that is insulated for the winter.

As we carpooled over to the Heritage Center, we could not help but notice the “snowy effect” of the cottonwoods. (The white specks in the tree area is not dirt on my lense, it is the debris from the cottonwoods which have not let up since we began our trip.

We found the town of Rocky Mountain House a quaint little area. Once a fur trading area, the forts are gone, but the name remains. In fact the only thing remaining of the fort are 2 chimneys.

Once 9 different Aboriginal cultures came here to trade.

After viewing a 20 minute movie of the history, we toured the museum.

And what’s this???

We have to watch our guests at all times….

As we left the park to head back home, we came across a herd of Bison. With a baby too!

Tomorrow, it’s on to the ice fields!


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