Day 10-11 Hinton, Alberta, Canada   Leave a comment

What a beautiful drive, through Jasper, and into Hinton.

En Route, we stopped at the Athabasca Falls, sculpted by glacial ice and river water.

The Athabasca River links the freshwater ice of the Columbia Icefield to the salt water of the Arctic Ocean.

Potholes, trapped and spinning under water’s direction, particles of sand, silt and gravel carve like a diamond drill. The river took thousands of years to drill the potholes now suspended on the canyon walls. One day the pothole pictured below will be suspended on the walls of an even deeper canyon.

Bill arrived just in time to get sprayed.

A little further down the road we came upon this little guy who could care less that we were bigger than him.

And as we’re driving along, here comes a tractor trailer passing a line of cars, but he’s in “our” lane and he’s not in a hurry to get back in his lane.

While in Hinton, everyone was left to explore on their own. While many chose to go horseback riding, Bill and I chose the time to “catch up.” WELL-NEEDED TIME.


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