Day 12-13 Dawson Creek   Leave a comment

Not a good sign for the very beginning of a travel day.

The more we headed north, the more warning signs we saw for moose or elk.

However, the only moose we saw was a dead moose on the side of the road….. As we passed, we hoped it was not hit by any of our guests. (thank goodness, it wasn’t)

See that road WAY up ahead in the photo, below? That’s where we are headed to.

We saw beautiful mountains along the way.

And more road construction….

Once in Dawson Creek, we met our three additional couples who will be traveling to Alaska with us and had a wonderful potluck dinner.

It’s getting darker later and later. Below is a photo taken at 10 p.m.

The following morning, our group with down the “Mile 0” at the Alaskan Highway.

Perfect opportunity for a group shot.

Of course we found out that this was not the original location, so we visited the “real” Mile 0 sign, which has been replaced several times due to vandalism.

So this is the Alaskan Highway as you leave Dawson Creek. (Notice the Tim Horton’s on the corner)

We celebrated our last night in Dawson Creek at a Wild Game “farm” for dinner.

We were greeted by the pigs, big horn steer and horse.

After a delicious dinner of buffalo, wild boar, and elk we boarded for a hayride.

Off to see the other animals.

As we headed into the field, the buffalo came down to see what was going on in “their” field.

What a beautiful herd and lots of babies.

As a matter of fact, one baby was born within a couple of hours (the umbilical cord was still hanging). Mama wanted more privacy, so she walked off with her baby stumbling after her.


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