Day 14 – Fort Nelson, B.C., Canada   Leave a comment

Not far into our drive, we came across construction – of the “new” bridge

I don’t know if you can tell by the photo below, but there was a pretty big drop off from the road and the part they were working on.

The “old” bridge, the Kiskatinaw Bridge built in 1942-43, is the only one still in use on the “original Alaskan Highway.” We took a side trip to see it.

It is one of the most unusual curving nine degrees along its 534 foot length.

It was the first of its kind in Canada. It is a three span, timber truss structure built 100 feet above the stream. The maximum load is about 40,000 lbs. We weren’t adventurous enough to take the motorhome across.

Our drive to Fort Nelson is probably so far our most memorable since we spotted a moose, thanks to Larry & Linda giving us a heads up and 3 black bears, all of which we passed by so fast I couldn’t get a picture. SLOW DOWN BILL!

We passed some beautiful scenery


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