Day 17-19 Whitehorse, Yukon Territories, Canada   Leave a comment

The road just seems to go on and on.

Until once again we come to the snow covered mountains.

Seems the people coming down the incline ahead must be in a hurry. Over on the right side of the road were pieces-parts of a trailer scattered all over. You know what they say, “haste makes waste!”

Once in Whitehorse, we passed the airport and saw the world’s largest weathervane.

The airplane pictured above shifts with the wind!

Within the town, we toured the S.S. Klondike, the largest sternwheeler on the upper Yukon River. Built in 1929 as an ore hauler and rebuilt after she sank in 1936, she carried passengers and cargo until 1955. Among some of the things she hauled was Borden’s “Reindeer” milk. She was the last Yukon River sternwheeler in active service.

As I yelled from the top deck, Jackie offered to catch me.

We were entertained in the evening at the “Frantic Follies,” a great vaudeville show.

Above right, they are playing “saws.” They put on a great show, which included choosing a member of our group, Ralph.

I think he was loving every minute of it.


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